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In 2012 while finishing my culinary degree from Ivy Tech I decided to open my own personal chef business. I really enjoyed the idea of working for myself, although I have continued to work in commercial kitchens from time to time to keep my skills up.

I create custome menus for anyone! I specialize in cooking for people who have food sensitivities. I belive everyone should be able to sit down at the end of the day and enjoy a delisious meal with thier family.

Call now to discuss my services further 317-430-1119

HI! I am Chef Jenny. I am a personal chef, meaning I will personalize everything for you! I have worked with people that have food allergies, sensitivities or are just picky! 
I have worked in the hospitality field for about 20 years and I have a culinary degree from Ivy Tech.
When I'm not cooking I am most likely hanging out with my dogs or enjoying a glass of wine on my patio! 
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